The Importance Of Academic English

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Academic English is important to college and university in academic writing course (Jet Writers Essay Writing Contest 2015). It is required students to reading, speaking and listening, while employing evaluating and sharpen their research and writing skills for college and university environment. At the college and university level is the ever-increasing need for students to focus on language and more specifically, the specialized language found both in substance areas and the Academic Language used in teaching that content. Academic Language as the name implies is importance the kind of writing that we are required to do in college and university. It differs from other kinds of writing such as annotated bibliographies, literature…show more content…
Author E.M. Forster once said, “How do I know what I think until I see what I say?”(Forster). Academic writing has the ability to reveal the students inscribed thoughts and opinions in ways that may surprise even them. The better get at writing analytically, the easier it is for them to apply those skills to other aspects of their life. People who write in journals often find it a useful form of exploring self-awareness (Ribeiro 2015). By writing down student ideas and perspectives in essays, even in non-academic disciplines, they hone their own expression skills, identify patterns, observed events and consider possible solutions. The skills we are learn for college and university can help us in career, as well. Reports for office jobs, essays for scientific journals and many other careers require us to know academic writing. Learning it early and getting lots of practice is a good way to get ahead in our…show more content…
It unlike some less formal types of writing, academic writing focuses on technique and how it should be used to best communicate ideas. If students learn about style and how to write essays early on in their academic careers, they find it much easier to write essays in college and university. Lecturers in the college and university have preferred styles or formatting requirements, so academic writing forces students to take these into consideration and create a paper that will impressed (eWritingService 2017). Academic English is usually a good idea for students to ask for essay writing help if they are having issues with their technique, as this is something that can be solved with a little
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