My Aunt And Uncle Beat Her Up Essay examples

My Aunt And Uncle Beat Her Up Essay examples

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Ah-in returns to her aunt’s house, but her aunt and uncle beat her up because she is late and she smells like alcohol and cigarette. When she gets back to her aunt’s home after school the next day, she finds the house is empty. Her aunt abandoned her and moved without telling her. Now that she has nowhere to go, Ah-in revisits Nakyung to search for Yeon-suh.

The 4 girls (Nakyung, Ah-in, Miok, Hyesuk) hop on Nakyung’s old car and head to a rural village where Yeon-suh used to live. Both Nakyung and Ah-in are happy that they will be able to see Yeon-suh, soon. They find out that Yeon-suh has been bullied by the entire high school until she quit school. When they arrive at Yeon-suh’s empty pension, Ah-in senses something wrong and suggests to come back tomorrow morning. However, Nakyung’s old car breaks down, so there is no choice but spending a night here. On the second floor, there are Yeon-suh’s bedroom and another mysterious locked room. Ah-in denies sleeping in the house and walks out from the pension. Next to Ah-in who is sleeping inside the car, a semitransparent silhouette is staring at her.

Meanwhile, after everyone falls asleep in the pension, Hyesuk sneaks out and looks around the pension to see if there’s anything to steal. In a big bedroom, Hyesuk finds family jewels inside an antique rice chest. Above the rice chest, there is a portrait of Yeon-suh’s family.

FLASHBACK: Ah-in is walking away from Yeon-suh. Yeon-suh catches Ah-in, hands her a bundle of money and tells her to pay Ah-in’s mother’s hospital fee with it. Ah-in denies at first, but then reluctantly accepts the money. When Ah-in gives the money to her mother, she goes crazy over the money.

When Ah-in wakes up, she finds the car is rolling down to the r...

... middle of paper ...

...uh becomes unconscious and the scared mother and father escapes from the pension while the brother decides to stay with unconscious Yeon-suh.

Ah-in forces open the locked door on the second floor, then finds Yeon-suh lying down on a bed surrounded by flowers, and her brother lying down on the floor, dead. Ah-in comes closer to Yeon-suh and starts crying. Suddenly, Yeon-suh wakes up and starts to float, and tells Ah-in to live with her because they’re a family. A hanging rope surrounds Ah-in’s neck and lifts her body up.

Next day, the police are taking out 7 dead bodies from the house. Inside the big room, there is the rice chest on the back without any scratch or burn. On a small hill, Ah-in is walking with the scissor on her hand. She stares at the pension for a while and walks away. There are five figures on the pension: Yeon-suh, Nakyung, Miok, Hyesuk and Bum.

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