The American Middle Class

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The American Middle Class

When we as human beings are born into this world, there are things that we have control over, and other things that we have no say in. We control what we do with our lives, what schools to attend, what activities to be a part of, and who we marry, for example. This seems to be quite fair, and for the most part, we take it for granted. While we do have these kinds of freedoms, there are other aspects of life that we have no control over. One thing that we are born into, is our social class. No matter who you are, there is a social class that you fall into, and you really have no say in it. The one social class that seems to be the most populated is the middle, or working class. These people usually classify themselves as being as normal, or as ordinary as they come. While that seems to be the common thought, there are plenty of middle class families that aren't as normal as they think. Depending on what class you belong to, your perception of "normal" tends to vary. So what exactly is "normal" to the average, middle, working class family?

For as long as I can remember, I have always thought of myself and my family as ordinary, and pretty much average. My family is made up of five people, my mom, dad, and my two younger sisters. We also have a dog. We live in a one story, ranch style house, with a garage and 3 cars. Our house is in a blue collar neighborhood in the city of Warren. We've lived there since my parents were married, nineteen years ago. My dad is a firefighter for the city of Warren, and my mom is a part time registered nurse at Harper Hospital in downtown Detroit. We are all practicing Catholics, and we attend church every Sunday. My sisters and I have attended private, catholic schools...

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...rouble down the road.

Being born into a social class is something that every person should be proud of. You see it in all types of classes. People take pride in who they are and where they come from. Nobody is normal, because their is a uniqueness in all of us that separates ourselves from each other. Although a lot of times we look at the middle-class as being normal, the same can be said for the lower and upper classes. In our own eyes we are normal, but to others, we are always going to look somewhat different. As long as TV continues to run programs depicting "all-American" families, and the majority of our nations population remains in the middle-class, we will always look at the hard-working man, his wife, kids, dog, and cozy house as being the definition of normal in this country.

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