The Red Convertible Character Analysis

In “The Red Convertible” by Louise Erdrich the two main characters Lyman and Henry are brothers that have an amazing relationship with one another. In the beginning of the story Erdrich writes about how Lyman and Henry bought a gorgeous red convertible; and together they went on plenty of road trips and bonded over the car. On the other hand, the two siblings in Alice Walker’s “Everyday Use” don’t have that same sibling bond. The siblings in “Everyday Use”, Maggie and Dee, are complete opposites. Dee is extremely vain, snobbish, and outspoken while Maggie is coy, insecure, and timid. Although Maggie and Dee aren’t as close as Lyman and Henry, they still have a very complex relationship in terms of being “close” to one another even though it seems as if they’re from two different planets. In the stories “Everyday Use” and “The Red Convertible”, the characters share one particular trait which is…show more content…
Henry is written as a dynamic character because he changed drastically throughout the story. Henry went from being an innocent young man; to experiencing the chaos and disaster that war will do to a person. Lyman is written as a static character because he didn’t change at all through the story. Lyman was still the same young innocent boy, much like his brother was before he went to war. Dee from “Everyday Use” is written as a dynamic character; she changed to be more in touch with her African roots and even went as far to change her name to “Wangero”. Dee is still just as snobbish as before, though, when she tells her mother that Maggie doesn’t deserve the family quilt because she’ll wear it down to nothing from putting it to “everyday use” (174) Maggie is written as a static character because she didn’t change during the story, although her feelings toward her sister changed, “Maggie smiled; maybe at the sunglasses Dee was wearing. But a real smile, not

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