Essay about The Musical Into The Woods

Essay about The Musical Into The Woods

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Happily ever after? The musical Into the woods the main characters is taken from multiples fairy tales as Jack and the beanstalk, Cinderella, Little red riding hood and Rapunzel and a story of a baker and his wife. Each character of the story wished for something, Cinderella wants to attend the prince 's festival, Jack need to buy food for him and his mother, Little red riding hood has to deliver food for her sick grandmother, and the baker and his wife lust to have a child regardless the cursed place upon him. Be careful about what you wish for, because there is never a happily every after.

The baker was cursed because his father stole from the neighbor witch 's garden and took her magic bean because his wife wanted some greens from that garden. The witch caught him and made a deal with his father that she would keep their first born. But when his father climbed over the wall he took her magic bean and the witch turned old and ugly, so she curses the family. The witch 's mother told her to never lose the beans because she placed a curse on her if the witch would ever lose the beans. The day had come for the witch to take the first born who is Rapunzel.

Once the baker grew up, got married and wished to have a child. The only to way to lift the spell is to get four items for a potion that can be found in the woods. The items needed are a cow as white as milk, a cloak as red as blood, hair as yellow as corn and a golden slipper for her to break the curse so the baker can bear a child. The witch gave them three days to bring those items to her before the blue moon which comes by only once every 100 years. Once the witch left, the bakers wouldn 't listen to his wife, as she tells him that it is his house who is cursed and wouldn 't ...

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...dmother 's protection. In a result to this both her mother and grandmother die. The baker lifts the spell and received his son, soon after his wife dies.Although they achieve their dream, they lose something else.

People always idolized the wealthier class and some even move to the top of the chain. Such as Jack by stealing and Cinderella by marrying into wealth is an example of social mobility. Even though Cinderella marriage would not work out at the end because she didn 't even know who the prince really was, she thought of the marriage as of a way out from her stepmother. At the end, she lost her prince but gained a family of friends she can trust. The baker yearns for a child cause his to be like his father who ran from their fear. In the end, every single person in the play was not able to have everything they wanted, they had to lose something to gain another.

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