The Muscular System Within Our Bodies Essay

The Muscular System Within Our Bodies Essay

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I want to touch base on the muscular system within our bodies. It has three basic
parts; internal, cardiac, and skeletal. Lets’ discuss how each of these helps our body to function properly.
Internal muscles have nerve compression, mineral depletion and blood supply.
They also can spasm, cramp, and be torn. A spasm can occurs when sudden
involuntary contractions of one or more muscles can lead to cramping. It is most
common in the calf or abdominal regions of the body. Pregnant women has them in
a result of deficiency in calcium, poor circulation, dehydration, and over-exertion.
Stretching before exercising can be a preventive measure. Some side effects to
medications can cause spasms as well. Severs spasms can cause strain and tears of
ligaments and tendons. Adequate intake of water, vitamins, and stretching is the
proper way to prevent having them. Medically the cause for muscle cramps is
unknown. Sometimes a change in environment can cause cramping in your muscles.
Injuries can do major damage to part of a tendon or all of the tendons attached
To the fibers as well a...

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