Essay on The Murder She Baked By Starring Ali Sweeney

Essay on The Murder She Baked By Starring Ali Sweeney

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If you are familiar with the popular “Murder She Baked” series starring Ali Sweeney that airs on the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Channel, you might remember Andrea’s policeman husband, Bill. After all, that is how I first discovered the actor Toby Levins, and it was only because his co-star (Barbara Niven) mentioned him that I realized he was on twitter and had been featured in many films, television shows, and on a variety of networks. And when I had the opportunity to interview him, I jumped at the chance. I am not certain what I expected as I delved into the psyche of this multi-faceted actor, but as he discussed acting, the “Murder She Baked” franchise, and more of his upcoming works, I found myself captivated with his responses and his quite appealing wit.
What was it that inspired you to become an actor?
In truth it’s not a very romantic story. I was a skier growing up, and I had every intention of becoming a professional skier when I left school. As I was preparing to take my final exams that final year of school, due to various reasons, I realized that career was not going to happen. So, I turned to a university guide to decide an area of study. That guide was alphabetical….and I didn’t want to be an accountant, and the rest is history. Luckily, when I stepped on stage for the first time in acting school, I enjoyed acting tremendously. It’s a great job.

What is it that attracted you to the "Murder She Baked" franchise?
Most of the work I do is brooding, heavy, my-children-were-murdered kind of drama. “Murder She Baked” is a definite (and welcome) change from that. Before “Chocolate Chip,” {the first film in the franchise} I had not met any of the cast, but I am so happy it has turned out the way it has. It’s like a lit...

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...t Toby. No doubt, he was born to be an actor, and destiny smiled on him when he happened upon that career choice in the university. Not only that, he has a delightfully wicked sense of humor, and talent just oozes out of his pores. He works incredibly hard, and his passion is to be the best he can be at his craft. I greatly anticipate discovering if his predictions are accurate about the next “Murder She Baked” film, but more importantly, I look forward to investigating his copious and varied works on his list of credits. He is about as down-to-earth as an actor can be, and I salute him for his entire approach to this art form, Please do not miss out on anything from this remarkable actor by following him now on twitter ( ). After all, we want to be a part of that process that continues to see to it that his “rent gets paid,” right?

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