Essay on The Murder of Larissa Warner

Essay on The Murder of Larissa Warner

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“Larissa Warner, star of this summer’s hottest movie, Gone with the Waves, has been murdered.” The announcement on the ten o’clock news shocked millions of people around the country.

“I loved her! Whoever did this will pay!” Detective Elaine Gilone was listening to Larissa Warner’s husband, Caspar Neopa, scream and shout about Warner’s death.

“Sir, calm down! Please! Just tell me what happened at 7:23 p.m. last night. Tell me all the details,” said Detective Gilone in an exasperated voice. GIlone was tired and hot, and her patience was wearing thin.

In a shaky voice, Neopa started explaining what had happened last night at the time of his beloved wife’s murder. “Larissa was a true social butterfly. She was throwing a party was for one of her best friends, Cameron Histella. The party started at 7:30. She said she didn’t need any help so I was in my workout room downstairs in the basement. I was on the treadmill getting a real workout when I heard the doorbell. I just figured it was just one of the guests. Next thing I knew I heard Larissa screaming. I tried to run upstairs, but as soon as I got off the treadmill someone turned off all the lights. I couldn’t see anything and I tripped over one of my weights. I hurt my knee and when I finally got upstairs, Larissa was already d-d-dead.”

Gilone replied after thinking for a while. “Thank you, Mr. Neopa. I am sorry for your loss.” Gilone left Caspar in the master bedroom on the third floor with a policeman, then slowly made her way down the stairs to the huge parlor where two ladies were sitting on sofas.

Gilone spoke to the two ladies, greeting them both with a nod. “Hello, Ladies. I am Detective Elaine Gilone, working with the city’s best police t...

... middle of paper ...

... in just because I’m Anderson’s wife. Isn't that stupid?”

Gilone answered after looking over her files one last time, “Well, that’s it. You can leave now.”
Mipsy stood up and shouted, “Finally! Ciao!”

She left the room leaving Gilone in a bad mood. Detective Gilone stretched her legs, then glanced at her watch. It was 7:45 p.m., already 24 hours since the murder! Gilone was so tired. This case was not easy and she still had one more suspect. Gilone walked out of the fancy guest room to get Cameron Histella. As she stepped out, her ring fell and rolled into the next room. She sighed and picked up the ring that was lying next to a weight. Gilone squinted as the sunlight shined in her face. She got up and went upstairs to get Cameron Histella. As she was coming down the stairs, Gilone suddenly stopped and shouted, “ Police! I know who the murderer is!”

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