The Murder of Lorraine Kelly and Mary Pryor

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The murder of Lorraine Kelly and Mary Pryor still haunts the town of North Bergen because their disappearance was strange and rapid. This case has been closed due to the lack of evidence but was reopened again after forty years for the purpose of acquiring justice and answers to the death of both teenage girls. The last person to have seen and spoken to Mary Pryor was her sister Nancy Pryor when she was told by her sister that she would be back by eight o’ clock the latest. For the purpose of hiding her and her families’ identity, after the murder occurred she moved out of Hudson County and didn’t divulge her married name or current locality of residence because of the frantic fear that the murderer may plan an attack to her and or family. Prior to their killing both teenagers used to reside at 76st and were active hitchhikers. Both victims were found in a wooded area in Bergen County known as Montvale, and it was evident that they were beaten, sexually assaulted, and strangled by force. As a result, when the bodies were found they were in an early state of decomposition which allowed the medical examiners to see visible evidence on the body such as sperm and marks.
Background on the Possible Suspect
The sole possible suspect for the deaths of Lorraine Marie Kelly and Mary Ann Pryor and multiple other deaths is Robert Reldan also known as “The Charmer.” He was born in Brooklyn, NY, and at the age of 11 his family moved to Fort Lee, NJ. Six years later at the age of 17 he began committing crimes such as robbery and burglaries which got him placed on an unspecified amount of years of probation, and had to get psychiatric examinations mandated by the judge. Simultaneously, after receiving the psychiatric evaluations he was diagn...

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...then headed out to work. Also, I believe that there was a lack of direction when they inculpated her boyfriend because no evidence was found that could incriminate him in any way. Alternatively, his girlfriend and Pryor were known as hitchhikers to everyone that knew them personally. Basically, these girls were used to taking the risk of asking for rides to arrive to their destination. Though, Nancy Pryor doesn’t believe they were hitchhiking that day on their way to the mall. Robert Reldan had the habit of abducting strangers at bus stops therefore, I came to the realization that the teenage girls probably met there perpetrator at the bus stop when dropped off. All the evidence incriminates Robert and he is still not convicted for the murders of Pryor and Kelly which is outrageous. He should be convicted for all murders because everything points at him.
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