Essay on Multiculturalism : A Society, The People Need Unity

Essay on Multiculturalism : A Society, The People Need Unity

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Multiculturalism has always meant the ability to co-exist within diverse cultures including racial, religious, and cultural groups. Its main goal is to diminish discrimination by joining together different cultures from all around the world to eradicate problems dealing with the different cultures. However, some say that multiculturalism does more harm than good by allowing the discrimination to proceed. All in all it is essential to break the barriers that different ethnic groups have set up to have the ability to live and grow as one nation. To become a society, the people need unity. The melting pot of different cultures enhances living and exposes many to new traditions and a different standard of living. Many abide by this by being of mixed race, having an interracial relationship, or believing in more than one religion. However many are against multiculturalism, as they believe that one race, religion, or culture is superior to another.
Multiculturalism is viewed in different ways and varies through facts and opinions. For instance, many people view this concept was a melting pot, which blends all the religions, races, and cultures together as one and spreads the belief that everyone could be treated as one. Immigrants aspire to one with the main natives. While Natives aspire to learn about the foreign cultures. However this only includes the best aspects of multiculturalism. Other citizens have different worldview, as they view the world as a Salad Bowl. This concept describes how like salad all the distinct flavors and ingredients (minority and majority) are kept apart and despite the effort to blend are determined to stay separated. Immigrants never learn anything about the native land including language and native land ...

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...trong, independent, and free individuals who all share the same freedoms and the same respect. It is said that respect could only be given to those who deserve it but it could also be stated that people who go through hardships and suffer through discrimination and hatred of who they are deserve to be respected. The fact of the matter is that respect is given to everyone despite differences or similarities.
Multiculturalism’s goal is to unite the people of the United States of America and to join and celebrate differences and diversity. The goal is to diminish racism and to eradicate discrimination and to promote diversity and disperse white or any culture superiority. Multiculturalism has many goals but has yet to develop as much as it needs to. However since its a constant act of progress there is time to complete all of its goals and to correct al of its faults.

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