Multicultural Awareness As A Clinical Mental Health Counselor Essay

Multicultural Awareness As A Clinical Mental Health Counselor Essay

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Journal: Multicultural Awareness
This paper will introduce and define the need for Multicultural awareness as a clinical mental health counselor. It will further explore examples of various topics in Multicultural counseling such as: Racial and ethnic diversity, gender, social economic status. As a result of this research, in Multicultural awareness, the self-assessment depicted the identity of myself. It allowed me to realize what and who I was as “other.” In realizing who I was as “other”, I saw my own self-identity. Therefore, this assessment made me realize how the need to develop a plan to correct areas of acceptance in change, stereotyping, and assuming may interfere as a mental health counselor if not corrected.
Multicultural Self-Assessment
After taking the multicultural self-assessment, my results revealed the following about myself. For the most part of this assessment, my strongest points were rounded in cultural diversity and understanding. Contrary to such, I scored lower in the areas of “assuming something is when it’s not,” “stereotyping,” and “adapting new changes” (Petrone, M. C. 2004). Lastly, more often than not results displayed equality, and positive outlook type of personality. For example, in posting to the discussion board, I tried to respond to topics without, disrespecting ones’ values, and at the same time introducing awareness about the topic.
First Time I Realized I was “Other”
The first time I realized I was “other, “had an impact on my life. It opened my eye to the awareness of racism, discrimination, social class stigma in the work place. Being raised as a child in a two parent home, and a culturally diverse neighborhood, I have never experienced how being African American would be different ...

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...rtance of Multicultural Awareness and Cultural Competency
The importance of multicultural awareness and cultural competency as a counselor-in-training, allows me the ability to develop and understand the importance of cultural competency as my professions emerges. Nevertheless, the ability to adapt to the demographics changes in society, and the societal changes and challenges that develop along the way. The importance of understanding my own values, my client’s values and beliefs, and the ability to become flexible in cultural differences, would contribute to this factor. In addition, it is important as a counselor become involved in social advocacy through the American Counseling Association(ACA) (Hays & Gray 2014, p 242-43). The framework of this advocacy would give me proper guidelines and tools related to multicultural counseling (Hays & Gray 2014, p 242-43).

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