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Moving to America

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Life is full of experiences and exploration. In life everyone have something that has changed the way they recognize things. Most things change a person’s perception because of the experience they had in the past. I never imagined that my life would ever change. Being born in a different country and end up in a different place could be very hard and frustrating.
This was back in November 2007, in India. I was 12 years old. I was enjoying my normal life. But I didn’t know that my life will change surprisingly. One day I came home from the school and my parents made decision of moving to the United States. I was totally amazed at that moment. My parents wanted move so that me and my sister can have a better life, education, and opportunity.
New country means new language, new culture, new people and different lifestyle. I never thought of being somewhere where you don’t know the language and people. For my parent and me the difficult part was learning new language. Since, I and my sister were going to school, so we knew Basic English. But for my parents adopting new language after so many years was really tough. Since, my dad had his own business, he also had to take care that before we move to us.
For me adapting a new language was tough because where I came from we don’t verbalize English. So, before we move to the United States I had to get that primary knowledge of English in a short duration. At that time I consummated my one semester of 9 the grade. My parents thought of dropping me out school, so I can just focus on English. Since then my main focus was to learn English. I think that was the hardest thing I have done in my life. Day by day I was learning incipient thing, but I wasn’t quit understanding the language.
The time was running fast and I had a couple days left to spend some time with my family and friends. At that time I realized of people I will miss, and I wouldn’t able to meet them again. Even for my parents, it was the toughest time leaving all families and friends behind and start a new life in a new place.

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I couldn’t determine whether this decision would take me forward, or cause me more problems.
On 22th July 2008, after travelling 12 hours nonstop in airplane, I initially stepped in the US. There were lot of considerations rang a bell. It was completely new environment which was completely not the same as the one I hailed from. Since we didn’t have home, we stayed at our relative’s house until my parents would find a place to live, and job. It was awkward feeling for me to live at their house, but we didn’t have choice. After couple days later they gave my parents a job at their motel, and with that they also gave us a place to stay.
Within couple days school started. For me the worst part was learning English. I still remember that first day of high school with new people around me. Being a novice in English, I was completely lost in class. Every day I would sit in front raw, and not interact with anyone. I felted invisible in classroom. Couple months passed and I wasn’t learning anything. I was frustrated and losing my confident, and I felted discomfortness at school. There was time when I felt going back to India.
As time passed, I started to know English. I was happy that I was learning and understanding people talking. I was still struggling in my classes, but with help of teachers I worked out well. After couple months later my confident level increased and people started interacting with me. As a time passed my communication skills started to improve. Soon, I made couple friends and I enjoyed going to school.

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