The Movie ' Warm Bodies ' Essay

The Movie ' Warm Bodies ' Essay

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The movie Warm Bodies is undoubtedly a movie that has its own interesting take. It is ideally a zombie - romantic movie whose script is based on a novel of the same title authored by Isaac Marion (2010). The main character leads are R; played by Nicholas Hoult, Julie; played by Teresa Palmer, Nora; played by Analeigh Tipton, and M; played by Rob Corddry. Warm Bodies is not particularly a comic movie, but is instead a carefully woven film that brings into perspective what a kind heart can achieve, and generally, the power of human beings over that which is thought of as evil.
Directed by Jonathan Levine (2013), Warm Bodies is not a reflect of warm per se, but is more of a reflection of the power of love and care, not in the sense of human to human relation, but in human and nonhumans. Unlike in most of the horror and fantasy movies that feature zombies as undead, evil, mindless and reanimated human corpses that have an insatiable hunger for human flesh and blood, Warm Bodies does not do the very same thing. Jonathan Levine uses R, a zombie who doubles as the lead character, to bring out the idea that there can be a positive relationship between human and non-humans as opposed to the perceived callous relationship most especially between humans and zombies.
With the introduction of Boneys (skeletal zombies who have lost all the touch with being human), Levine makes a clear distinction between the evil that can be influenced for the better, and the irredeemable evil that has to be fought by humans. For instance, when out in hunt for food, a group of zombies sniffs human beings but R irrespective of his hunger and cravings of human brain, saves Julie. The plot progresses to show how the interaction and the relationship that ensued b...

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... flowing in their bodies, one can see R’s sense of humanity and the strong will to be human again. It is through R’s action that the whole family of zombies reconnects with humans through the help of Julie who, irrespective of his father being the one in charge of killing zombies, finds out that the zombies are not completely wasted, as it was the case with the Boneys’.
A great film, great plot, great crew, excellent cast; is what depicts Warm Bodies. It is a movie that I will highly recommend to anyone who wishes not only to be entertained by another movie, but also interested in the themes that the movie explores. Though it might be boring to a person who believes that a zombie movie has to be all laughs and fun, the movie gets more interesting at it progresses, evoking a varied sense of emotions that makes the viewer see him or herself as a part of the movie.

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