Dr Strangelove: Movie Analysis: Dr. Strangelove

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Matthew Vargas
Humanities P-03rd
Ms. Fischer
Dr. Strangelove – Movie Analysis

I. Definitions
1. A pre-emptive strike is a first nuclear attack towards an enemy, essentially to prevent the enemy from attacking first. It was presented in the film when the P-52 bomber plane deployed a bomb in Russia.
2. Mutually assured destruction (MAD) is a policy and military strategy that completes annihilation would occur because of the use of high-yield weapons of mass destruction, or nuclear power.
3. Similar to MAD, the doomsday device shown in Dr. Strangelove is a machine designed to detonate after any nuclear attack on the USSR. The doomsday device consists of "Cobalt Thorium G" followed by in each of the 50 buried bombs. It is quoted the aftermath would cause Earth to be "uninhabitable".
4. The cold war is a term to describe two hostile entities, (U.S. and Soviet bloc countries) characterized by measures of propaganda and threats.
5. The B-52's were bomber planes developed in the mid-20th century used in the Cold War and shown in Dr. Strangelove. Its appearance in the film featured Major Kong (pilot) and his crew as they lead themselves to release the first bomb on the missle complex.
6. "Deterrence is the art of producing, in the mind of the enemy, the fear to attack." -Dr. Strangelove. Deterrence in the film was the fear of the consequences of the nuclear attacks. It's significant because it encompasses idea of the Cold War.
7. Retaliation is a return or counter-attack towards a country using military attacks. An example is the idea that between the USSR and the US either would retaliate if the other struck first.
8. The war room is the room in which the war is directed by the military generals and higher authorities. President merkin...

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...ven in the movie is true. The US and USSR both feared that any attack would set off a mass killing. They had known about the Doomsday device, and found that that’s what they feared most. Therefore, they were certain that if they did not stop the planes.
C. Communication is key to every detail and event that occurs within the film. Between Dmitri and President Merkin Muffley on the phone, it was a matter of discussing the bombs and the US air force. It was essential for the president to create a successful plan with Dmitri, otherwise would’ve led into disaster. Another example is specifically the air squadron who lost communication with base, and thus entered the ‘Plan R’ code. It was important that the authorities work together and communicate upon each other. Failure to do so meant the possibly releasing the first bomb for a nuclear war and the loss of many lives.

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes the satirical phrase from the film, "gentlemen, there is no fighting in the war room!" as an argument between the soviet ambassador and the u.s. president over weapons of mass destruction.
  • Analyzes how the movie portrays the idea of war and how it depends on the man in charge. the president plays a significant role in dr. strangelove.
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