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Today’s women are an accumulation of the characteristics of their predecessors. In the film Dance, Girl, Dance, the two supporting characters, Bubbles and Judy, exemplify some of the most relevant characteristics of contemporary women. The character of Bubbles not only demonstrates manipulative and superficial behavior, she also demonstrates ambition and resourcefulness. The character of Judy exhibits independence and tenacity, but also naivety and innocence. Today’s women have molded themselves with the most relevant characteristics of each of these women, drawing form both positive and negative attributes.
Manipulation and superficiality seem to be Bubbles forte. Bubbles takes advantage of Judy’s lack of desire to see Mr. Harris when he comes to visit her by telling Judy that she will “get rid of him” for her. As soon as Bubbles learns that Mr. Harris is wealthy, she uses the information further her own agenda. She uses the guise of “getting rid of” Mr. Harris, on Judy’s behalf, when in actuality, her true intention is to have him for herself. Bubble’s so called friendship with Judy is not immune to Bubbles’s bad behavior. Bubbles knows that Judy has feelings for Mr. Harris, and as soon and she finds out his financial status, she stops at nothing to have him for herself. This behavior has not changed. There are many women today that behave the exact same way as Bubbles. All you have to do is turn on the T.V. and watch any Real Housewives reality show. You will most likely to hear someone being called a back stabbing, manipulative gold digger. While most women today would abhor that title, there are some women in today’s society that would wear that title proudly.
Bubbles’s superficial tendancies manifest themselves when she take...

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...ce to be reckoned with. She would have been far more self assured and able to see through Bubbles manipulations.
Self assured confident women of today do not bode well with manipulative, superficial people. Modern women have evolved in to forward thinking strong independent people who will not stand to be taken advantage of. The evolution of the modern woman stems from the sensibilities of the characters portrayed in this film. While it would appear to some that being manipulative, superficial, and tenacious are all negative qualities; women through out the ages have relied on these qualities to get them where they want to be. In today’s world, ambitious, resourceful, independent and innocent seem to be far more acceptable adjectives to use when describing a woman climb to the top. Being able to balance these qualities is the key to becoming a successful woman.

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