Movie Analysis : The Movie Lost Essay

Movie Analysis : The Movie Lost Essay

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Once was Lost

Every place we visit and live has its own way of making us feel at “home” It’s what we do to make the places we visit and live make us feel like we are at home. We learned in this film, that we never have problems someone else isn’t facing. You are never to young, or old to be facing the same problems in life. I have also learned most of the films we watch, are different from how they are portrayed in the movie from real life.
We also learned every place you come across in life has an affect on how that city made you feel at a time in your life. We will see who Bob and Charlotte are in the movie Lost in Translation. We will also see what makes the characters not feel at home. Furthermore, we will see how Tokyo gives the characters a sense of home. Finally, we will see how films are portrayed and how they are different from real life.
Every place you visit has an affect on you. A city away from home can make you feel at home, lonely, afraid, happy and sad. I lived and visited many cities and each city made me feel a certain way. I once lived in Canal Winchester, Ohio in 2009-2012, with my best friend in a dorm room. My first

months living in Ohio, I felt lonely, isolated and unhappy. I had these feelings because I wasn’t adjusted to living with strangers and the weather was rainy and snowed the first couple of months. I was out of my comfort zone for the first few months and had to adjust to sharing a room, bathroom, kitchen and living room with other girls. The whether gave me a lonely feeling, since we had to stay inside most of the days and nights since it was too cold to be outside. After adjusting to my living circumstances, I felt at home each day as time passed on. What made me feel mo...

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...ifficulties together and bought what was missing back into each others lives.
Watching a variety of movies help give us an idea on how cities are portrayed in the directors point of view. We all have our own opinion on how we see the city in the movie from real life. I have also learned how films aren’t always the real portray on how the city is in person. We can’t always rely on films to give us the truth on how cities are portrayed.

In conclusion, I would not have changes how the producers viewed Tokyo, Japan. They did an excellent job with tying the images into how the characters were described and showed how they felt. We learned in life we need strong connections with people and we never face problems people haven 't been through. We can get through all of our problems in life, with a strong support group and we can help others fight their battles as well.

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