Essay about Movie Analysis : ' Get Ready For The Jubilee '

Essay about Movie Analysis : ' Get Ready For The Jubilee '

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“Get ready for the Jubilee, Hurrah! Hurrah! We 'll give the hero three times three, Hurrah! Hurrah,”! Many British citizens seemed to bellow this song “When Johnny Comes Marching Home” when their young soldiers heroically marched off to battle in their camouflaged trousers, tunics, and trench caps. When Johnny came marching home, joy and peace would permeate the atmosphere. There would be no more tears, fears, or hardships when Johnny comes marching, clothed in a raiment of dignity and strength. However, many of them did not realize that Johnny might march home with mental disorders and crippled legs. Johnny might come home with a missing ear or nose. In the worst case scenario, Johnny might not march home at all. Many of the poets from World War I blazoned the macabre details of war, and unveiled the horrific truth of war. They did not shield the truth from the British eyes, but instead exposed them to the lucid, grisly details. Many British poets, such as Wilfred Owens and Seigfreid Sasoon, displayed the horrors of war in their poetry.

(Wallace 2)
Their use of imagery, tone, and word choice not only contradicts, but attacks British misconceptions about war.
Before World War One, during the Victorian Era, hardly any explicit descriptions of violence were ever written in literature. The Victorian Era was an age filled with class, respectability, and refined taste. Thus, most of the literature during this time was very light and respectable. There might have been hints of violence in poetry, but overall, this era was not generally accepting of grisly poetry. However, Owens and Sasoon were fearless in their use of grisly imagery in order to expose the horrendous nature of war. Since, most people in Great Britain had adopted a very...

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...e reading more relatable--- even if the reader had never experienced such an event as the poet was trying to portray. Plus, using strong language gives the reader a chance to respond with emotions that he or she would have never responded with if the poet had used a different word. Word choice has the power to create empathy or apathy--- sadness or sympathy.
All of the poets of World War One seemed to all have one common goal---- display the vile, repulsive nature of war to overly nationalistic citizens who seem to think that war is nothing more than a trip. Their use of imagery, tone, and word choice seem to blow many twentieth centuries readers away, for most never knew that war was so terrifying. However, through poets like Owens and Sasoon they soon realized that the soldiers were fighting an ugly war, and even if they win, life would never be the same for them.

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