Movie Analysis : ' Fake Love Recipe Essay

Movie Analysis : ' Fake Love Recipe Essay

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`Fake Love Recipe

Music a part of me, memories splashed across the notes of my life. Wrapped in a rhythm, and kept with a beat. My emotions tucked in measures of composition, and words of free flowed tears, or happy warm hugs, and smiles. Each song is a remembrance of pain, anguish, love, fun sorrow, regret, and happiness. Sometimes all at the same time, yet songs have captured it in their elements.

First song memory begins on a dance floor at Bear River High 's commons area. It is red and white, a beautiful elegant girl is standing in front of me, and together we are dancing to the song 'say something ' by a great big world. It was the last song for that dance, and my heart during it was freely open. I felt the weight of the world escaping from me, and nothing mattered except the moment, time froze in the dimension. I looked at her, and hoped she liked me back. My mind rushes often to that dance floor, it is the first time I really felt that I liked someone, and someone liked me back. I didn 't know much about her, but I did know I loved the way she looked, and presently that...

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