Mothers Can Be Very Influential Essay

Mothers Can Be Very Influential Essay

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Mothers can be very influential in the life of any. When people think of what they have learned from their mother some might think of simple tasks like how to walk and talk as children, or kick their first soccer ball. Others may say their mother has taught them to be patient, kind, and considerate of others. A mother could also teach their child how to bake cookies that taste and smell delightful. In my life, I have learned the most from my mother.
My mom is always supporting me, no matter what activities I am involved with. She attends my sporting events, school events, church trips, and much more, as often as she can. When my mother comes to support me, she encourages me very much. If needed, she will tell me what I need to hear; I know she wants what’s best for me. When I get down, I know she will have my back and lift me up.
One trait my mom always shows me is “give more than you get.” She always puts others before herself, without always getting an object in return. If someone asks her to do something, she will more than likely do it, even if she has a hundred other activities to do. In example, she was asked to be on the City Council even though she hardly has enough hours in the day for herself. The reason she puts others before herself so much is to try and please everyone. My mother truly wants to make people happy. It is also nice to go the extra mile for someone and my mom always does for me. I hope I can be half as generous as her someday.
Staying true to one’s beliefs has always been important to my mom. My mom knows what she wants and sticks to it. She has been raised to know what’s most important and matters the most in life. Three points that are important to my mother and I are family, religion, and happiness. Be...

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...mories by scrapbooking. We love to remember trips we have done and memories we might have forgotten. A tradition we had in our family was going to our cabin. We loved going to our cabin in Lake Pepin, Minnesota. The Fourth of July was so fun, because we had front row seats to the fireworks! That is an event I will never forget, mostly because I got to do it with the people I love.
My mom has been amazing to me my whole life. I definitely would not be the person I am today without all the lessons she has taught me and the influences she has had in my life. I’m sure she does not even realize all the ways she has imprinted on my life. She teaches me new things every single day so it would be impossible to list them all. I know for a fact that I should give her the glory for the successes in my life. What I have learned most is that I could not ask for a better mother!

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