The Most Peaceful Place I Have Been Essay

The Most Peaceful Place I Have Been Essay

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The Most Peaceful Place I Have Been
In my seventeen years on this earth, I have traveled to some unique places. I would say that I have experienced a wide variety of peaceful places. However, my most peaceful took place on a trip with my parents, Kelsey, and Lexia Nichols. I endured an eighteen hour long car ride to Keystone, Colorado. Even though the car ride itself was hectic, our destination was by far the most peaceful place I have ever been. Lake Dillon stood out to me to be the most peaceful place by the way one could sit on the banks and be surrounded by the snow capped mountains, calmness of the lake, and smell of the fresh trees.
Seated on the bank of Lake Dillon, I looked at the snow capped mountains and felt as though I was looking at breathtaking pictures of mountains in calendars. The snow looked like powdered sugar had been sifted onto the tops of the mountains, making them appeal to both my stomach and my eyes. I was absolutely amazed by the contrast between the growth of the trees on the mountains, and those on the ground, due to the high altitude. The mountains to...

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