The Most Amazing Thing Of My Childhood Essay

The Most Amazing Thing Of My Childhood Essay

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The most amazing thing in my childhood was to watch people coming to my home to have some water and telling their stories and experiences with the doctor right across my home. I always amazed to listen about his kindness, humanity, love and care he showed to poor people who comes for treatment and how people respect him. He was the superhero to my tiny eyes and I imagined me in his place. Probably the fire to become a physician lit up from there onwards.
I was raised in a below middle-class family in India where a girl child is considered as a burden. My father being an alcohol addict, my mother was acting like a single parent to take care of our family with all hardships and even my high school education has become difficult. She taught me the biggest message in life which is “You never know what happens in future, what’s coming in life - Be ready for everything, Learn how to stand on your own feet. It is only possible with gaining knowledge if you feel it is with education then go for it, excel in it”. Those were still echoing in my ears. Perhaps that’s the reason I love to gain th...

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