Essay on More Beautiful World : Separation

Essay on More Beautiful World : Separation

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More Beautiful World: Separation: In the first chapter of The More Beautiful World, Charles Eisenstein introduces the idea of separation. The idea to separate ourselves from the world we have always known and to make a change for yourself. The author explains we have always lived in a world that is considered normal to us, a world where we are safe and secured, but in reality there are many problems. Although there are many of these problems, we live on as if nothing is changing. I think Charles Eisenstein idea of separation is agreeable. We live in a world where a person has to meet certain expectations to be acknowledged by the public. We have become highly dependent on one another that we are unable to change. Change will not happen unless we all change together. In order for that to happen, we must unhook ourselves from the “normal” world. Breakdown: In this chapter, the author talks about the planet and human civilization coming to a downfall. Human civilization and the planet have been on a downfall for quite some time now. There are wars that happen in different parts of the world, but not that many people are affected. The world is supposed to be improving but human war is stopping the progress. Not only the wars, but also the people being enslaved doing harsh labor work. In the end, the world is only healing slowly and is only covering the damage from the past. I agree with the author’s idea on human civilization coming to a downfall. We keep trying to improve the world, but in reality we are damaging it. The more we try to improve human civilization, the more we are destroying the planet. Even in today’s world, we are still trying to fix problems from the past. It really gave me insight on the world the author said “The ...

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...It is amazing how many more possibilities are open to you when you think more creatively. Sparks of Genius: Observing: Observing is more than just seeing. It is a skill that goes beyond seeing. It is more than just seeing the obvious. It is more about seeing the specific detail of what makes of it. Many things have roles in observation, even smell and taste. For example, any food you eat there is always a smell or taste of an ingredient inside of the dish. Our observations are broken down to what we want see. We cannot look at one thing unless we know what we’re looking at and understand how to look at it. So observing is just a practice of sensory and mental experience. I think observing is more than seeing passed the obvious. It requires using all your senses to see what is there. It kind of like a way of thinking, you use your senses and mind to see what is there.

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