Morality, Ethics, And Morals Essay

Morality, Ethics, And Morals Essay

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When moral reasoning is used to take action on an issue, we use our values, ethics, and morals to come up with a solution. Our environment and upbringing play large roles in how we reason and how we value different things. We place different sets of values on different things or actions, and those actions always have consequences.
According to Moore and Parker (2012) consequentialism is when we believe that the consequences of our action verifies or decides the moral value (p. 446). When the results of something we did is better received or produced better results, then we believe our action was the best choice, in that moment. Many westerners believe that what is best for them as an individual, rather than what is best for the group, is the best choice of action. This belief aligns more with utilitarianism. Utilitarianism, also is the thought that the results produce more positivity than other options would. In other words, utilitarian’s weigh the pros and cons of options, and choose the one that produces the most happiness (p. 447).
Deontology is based morally on duty, or duty theory. Moore and Parker (2012) cite Kant’s theory that in order for us to be moral, we must act on our intentions. Intentions or desires alone do not accomplish results. It is not enough to want to do well. One must act upon the good intentions to do well. An example given was someone keeping his or her promise. When co-workers, friends, spouses, family member, or loved ones break a promise, it erodes our trust in them. Moore and Parker (2012) add it is the action that is our moral duty (p. 449).
Relativism is based upon one’s religious beliefs or morals (Moore and Parker, 2010 p. 451). Culture and society also influence how we dete...

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...role in how we are programmed to think morally, and act out those intentions. Sometimes, people have the best intentions, but good intentions without action, can be basically worthless, especially to others. Consequences of our actions should always be in the forefront of our minds. We should always consider others and the effects of our actions. Everyone will not always agree, but keeping an open line of communication by listening to each of his or her concerns, will take the team farther, than by ignoring concerns. Value should be placed upon each member, and no one should be discounted. Leaders may never gain full buy-in from all team members, but through communication and sound critical thinking skills, the team should be able to come to agreement on their choice of action. Documenting the consequences of their actions will help in making future decisions.

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