Essay about Moral Relativism And Moral Objectivism

Essay about Moral Relativism And Moral Objectivism

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Which is which?

In the attempt to explain morality, two prominent theories exist- moral relativism and moral objectivism. Morality in a sense is difficult to explain, both theories attempt to shed a bit of light in way to break down its complexity. Moral Relativism argues in the view that morality exists only due to the fact that it is relative, or in respect to, cultural or individual beliefs. In a sense, it is up to the people to determine what is right and wrong. On the other hand, moral objectivism views that morality is not parallel, or relative, to one 's beliefs. That it is independent and not subjective to one 's interpretations, thus it is objective and universal moral facts exist. Louis. P. Pojman, an American philosopher and professor, was against the idea of moral relativism. In his essay, The Case Against Moral Relativism, he stated the fundamental problems of the theory, detailing his problems with both subjectivism and conventionalism; giving his critique of moral relativism and providing his own insight on how one should view morality with objectivity. Thus presenting his case of moral objectivism. James Rachels, a balding philosopher from Georgia, defended moral relativism. Arguing in point that no universal morals exist, as different societies and groups have different interpretations to what is right and wrong and thus different moral codes exist that hold true for only that particular society or group. Culture relativism was coined a decade ago that provided the basis for that belief. Though in order to argue morality, one must first define and understand morality.

Morality is best described in the sense of what are right and wrong values or of what is evil or good as well as what makes a person good or b...

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...In the argument of If we look at things like freedom and natural rights, we can go back to the Enlightenment. Off the top of my head, theorists like John Locke, John Stuart Mill and Voltaire (among dozens of others) are responsible for the conception of human rights that we have today. What did those guys have in common? They were all humans. So there we have it again. The originator of the pro-choice values is man.Rachels also presents a “No-Proof Argument” in which he states that we cannot “prove some moral opinions are true and which are false. Therefore there is no such thing as an objective truth in ethics.”(First Edition, 41) In essence, Rachels is arguing that because we could not prove these “moral truths”, they do not exist. In the case of abortion again, Rachels argues that because there is disagreement, it provides evidence that moral truths do not stand.

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