Essay on Modern Methods of Communication Have Eroded the Values of Society

Essay on Modern Methods of Communication Have Eroded the Values of Society

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Since thousands of years ago, human have been communicating to express their ideas or to exchange information. The development of this communication with the passage of time, as one part of technology development, has led to many of the greatest challenges facing societies worldwide today .This real challenge which resulted from the ways in which mobile communications have become easily affordable and accessible mean that is not a temporary phenomenon which will disappear. Modern methods of communication in this context can be defined as mobile communication technologies, which includes mobile phones, computers and the internet. Furthermore, society’s values mean common people's attitudes of thinking in significant cases that affect their lives. Some efforts to address the negative effects of modern mobile communication on traditional social values, have been limited and ineffective .Therefore, it can be argued that modern methods of communication have eroded the values of society. This will be discussed in terms of three areas of concern which are social relationships, cybercrime and Human behaviour.

Firstly, the public interest in the strength Perspective of the social relations is decreasing due to the use of modern methods of communication. The users are putting the community at risk by relying on mobile phones and on internet and disregarding the importance of the traditional communication. The traditional communication (face to face) is the best way to sustain the social relationships between individuals in every part of their lives. In survey about life-changing with the Internet, results showed 31.0 % men and 21.0 % women of 400 participants having negative effects such as lack of face-to-face communication be...

... middle of paper ... al 2008 ). These losses increase duo to the accessibility of modern communication which creates easy opportunities of fraud even to non-specialists and this happens because of the difficulty of identifying the offender and the lack of laws to punish him. Fraud threats the information security of governmental or financial organizations such as banks. Exorbitant amount of money is spent to reform the system , to retrieve information or to buy and use of new programs which have a high level of security. The intuitive expectation, these organizations raise the price on the citizens and the consumers to compensate the loss, which means a large charge is paid by customers because of the mistake that they do not do it. Online fraud may force citizens to pay higher cost ,so it can cause the loss of financial justice in societies duo to modern communication.

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