The Mississippi River : An Important Natural Resource For Human, And Its Impacts

The Mississippi River : An Important Natural Resource For Human, And Its Impacts

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The Mississippi river is an important natural resource for human, and its impacts have been influencing on people since the first inhabitants moved to Mississippi area. In the meantime, first inhabitants began to make full use of the Mississippi river in order to obtain benefits. There are many natural parks along the Mississippi river, and these parks represent unique meanings for local communities. The Bruce Vento Nature Sanctuary is a typical location, which stands for the part of the Mississippi river environment. The topics in this essay mainly focus on four aspects. The first is what factors led to the configuration of land and water here. The second is what the place means to the first inhabitants. The third is how the advent of urban/industrial land and water uses has affected the place/how those layers has still evident. The final is what the planned future of this place is.
First of all, how the Bruce Vento Park become a necessary hometown for the Dakota people? The Dakota people settled down in this area between mid-1700s to the mid1800s. Bruce Vento Nature Sanctuary was their hometown and gave them spiritual support for the initial Dakota, because they utilized the land to acquire necessary resources rather than lived without any improvements, such as maple sugar. In addition, they began to plan some activities, for example, they tried to hunt some small animals in order to supply their daily food. On the other hand, Vento Park was also vital for their long-term living. They decided to cultivate some crops, and find some eatable seeds and vegetable that can be stored for future. It was a smart choice that Dakota people known the Bruce Vento Park could be explored by themselves. Compared t...

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.... These future projects not only assist visitors in expanding their scope of knowledge in Mississippi river culture, but also promotes people to pay attention to natural resources.
To sum up, the Bruce Vento Park is a place where people are able to understand what happened in the history of the Mississippi river, and it is also a valuable resource for people to explore the relationship among people, water and land in the 21st century. The advent of initial habitant altered the ecological system, because they started to comprehend how to utilize the natural resources. After the modern industry occurred, the environment of Bruce Vento Park was influenced again. The different results of using Bruce Vento Park interpreted how people and environment impacted each other, which reminds human to consider the importance of protecting natural resources.

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