Missions on the Move, Venture in Russia Essay

Missions on the Move, Venture in Russia Essay

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Missions’ on the Move is an assisted living organization that provides services for persons with various needs. Missions’ on the Move has been in existence since 2005. Our mission and purpose has stayed the same; “Providing a premier service to special people”. We presently operate 30 assisted living homes over 30 states in the United States of America. Our services are unique in the way we cater to and care for a complexity of people with special or various needs. We presently service several populations: Mental Health consisting of serving people with Mental Illness, dual diagnoses and substance abuse.
Then their is the Developmental Disability population consisting of serving people with mental retardation, intellectual disabilities, head injury, specific learning disabilities, speech/language impairment, epilepsy/seizure disorder, deafness/severe visual impairment, cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy and many undetermined disabilities. Don’t forget our aging population consisting of the elderly. As some may know, many assisted living homes/organizations world wide are normally geared to providing services to a segregated population based on specific disabilities.
From the very beginning Missions’ on the Move’s purpose was to care and rehabilitate from a holistic approach. We assess the need and gear our services around the need. We have implemented a cross disability approach. Our mission has proved that no matter the disability your structure and supports in place is what makes programs and/or goals successful. All 30 assisted living homes operated by our organization are housed with people with different disabilities. We believe that the matching process is the most critical part to placing housemates together....

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...port, drive and love with a venture abroad.

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