The Minimum Wage And Wage Essay

The Minimum Wage And Wage Essay

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In the United States today, there is a movement to increase the Federal Minimum Wage to $15/hr. This is a short-sighted solution that will not have the desired or intended effect. The business laws requiring employers to pay any minimum wage are a detriment to our economy and our citizens. The minimum wage law causes wage-push inflation, forces employers to pay a unskilled employees a wage that they do not rightfully earn, and discourages education in the under privileged groups of society.
There are some arguments for a minimum wage. According to , in the U.S., minimum wage is 31% lower than the average hourly wage of a non-supervisory worker. The solution offered by proponents is to simply raise minimum wage. For this argument, the offered solution is merely covering for a lack of initiative on the part of the low wage worker. The people that are earning the 31% higher wage, worked for the privilege of the higher wage. They did not ask for a hand out in the form of a law (i.e. minimum wage) that makes the employer give them more money they did not earn, which seems to be what the proponents of this ideology want to happen. Another argument for a minimum wage increase is that after adjusting for inflation, the real value of today’s minimum wage is the lowest it has been since 1952. I would pose the questions, “Why are you selling yourself short? Why would you work for that amount if you cannot get by on it? What are you doing to change your situation?” I feel like a lot of people in a difficult financial situation are there due to a lack of initiative and poor choices.
There are many negative effects of minimum wage on our society. Let us look at inflation first. In Reihan Salam’s artic...

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...come end up getting eaten up by the student loan payments? And two, cheap money acts as a positive feedback on prices, driving them up. If you want to understand why university costs are so high, you can look directly to the existence of student loans.” This premise, Camplin claims, is a direct result of a minimum wage that law that creates the need for a higher education, therefore the student loan, and the increasing prices for education, which in turn prices higher education out the reach of a minimum wage earner. The people that can earn a post-secondary education are able to prove to potential employers, even though they are unskilled, that have the desired traits to hire and train that person. An educational accomplishment, whether it is a degree or certificate or trade school, shows dedication, personal drive and an ability to show up and get the job done.

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