Essay on The Mind Is Not A Vessel

Essay on The Mind Is Not A Vessel

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Plutarch deduces, “The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled.” A vessel is often cluttered with useless items while a fire kindles and is truly fascinating as it slowly starts to grow. The mind is always being filled with unnecessary information every single day. The student has the opportunity to mold the mind into storing information that is considered useful. In the academic sense, students should be able to use this information and apply it when they are learning. Students should strive to learn for the purpose of expanding the mind. Every single thing taught in school should be applied in life. That is the only way that anyone can become successful.
Core subjects are often taught to expand a child’s knowledge. Core means the most crucial part of anything. Didactic teaching should be enforced so that students can get a lot out of it. As the district, we need students to understand the material, shorten summer vacation, work in groups and intellectual struggle will be solved. If you teach students, do they not learn? If you help them achieve academically, do they not succeed? Students should begin mastering math, English, and science that are taught in elementary schools. As a result, they will succeed in high school.
Why is it that students score so low on math, English, and science? Studies done by Sharon Noguchi show that “American fifteen year olds scored below their international peers in math, reading, and science” (2013). These studies were only done two years ago which means that the students in America as a whole are not being educated well enough. Students who are in this age level should be scoring above or at average. This shows that students do not learn the material being taught fully. If...

... middle of paper ... These core subjects allow students to build on the knowledge that they have learned. Core subjects allow students to be able to use this information in life.
Success comes with being able to learn something and applying it to everyday life. People should want to learn to expand on the information given to them. They should not be learning just to pass the class but because they are actually showing interest in the information that is given to them when they are learning. Only those willing to learn will succeed. The brain is always learning something new everyday. Some of the information that the brain processes is completely useless and is taking up space that could be used for something that is considered way more important. It is the concept of using that information in life that will benefit you. The brain only weighs three pounds but controls who you are.

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