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Military Careers

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"A young man who does not have what it takes to perform military service is not likely to have what it takes to make a living." When joining the military you must perform your best to protect our country. Tons of men and women around the world fight for the country and make a career out of it. There are three major branches and many different jobs to go with each one. Each have many specific tasks. (Robbie Hughes Interview)
Military background and history has been in the world for a long time. It goes back as far as Assyrians, Spartans, Aztecs, Romans and Greek. The military purpose is mainly to protect our country and our rights and freedoms. It’s just a part of nature. No one came up with military it just happened and got stronger and stronger over the years. It first started with random people coming together protecting towns and homes and families, and eventually more and more people came together. The three main branches of the military are The Army, Navy, and Marine Corps. All three of these branches are the reason the U.S is how it is. These branches fight for our freedom, our rights, and our country!! (Robbie Hughes Interview)
The U.S Army is the strongest most respected and feared ground force in the world. It is also the oldest branch of the military and also the largest U.S. Military Service. There are approximately 76,000 officers and 401,000 enlisted members in the active duty Army. The success of the Army lives and dies on themselves and others. The army protects all that the constitution stands for. And each soldier defends this to their last breath with Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Honor, and Personal Courage. The Army has a mission to protect and defend its nation. ( “Overcoming Challenges” np)
There are no limits in the Army, none on what you can learn and on what you can achieve. The Army strengthens you, and your future, with expert training in one of over 150 different jobs for soldiers on Active Duty. There is no specific job a soldier must have; it all depends on what he/she wants. But if the choice is made wisely, it could affect a big part of your future job and plan. (“Overview” np)
When in the Army or in any other branch of the military, the soldiers are required to wear a uniform. Most soldiers in the Army will wear the Army Combat Uniform, or ACU, on a daily basis.

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It has a digitalized camouflage pattern that is grey, dessert sand and a foliage green color. It’s a long-sleeve jacket, cargo type trousers, moisture wicking t-shirt with brown combat boots. This uniform replaces both versions of the Battle Dress Uniform (BDU) and the Dessert Camouflage Uniform (DCU). (“BDU Review” np)
Today’s Army has traditions based on values of courage, initiative, and teamwork. The one thing that ties all these values together is a badge of pride serving the nation called the Rising Sun Badge. The Army tackles these values in the situations encountered in their careers. Also in the Army, as one of the many traditions there is a hand salute. It is a privileged gesture of respect and trust among soldiers. (Pike np)
To make it in the Army you must have the correct mindset. There are a few ways to make it easier. Believing in yourself helps, because not believing in yourself doesn’t give you the confidence you need. You must think about “problem solving”, when you have a problem, don’t dwell about it. Think about the positive things like how you might benefit from it. Turning problems into opportunities is a good skill to have. Also, forward thinking is an aspect of known as creative thinking is another good skill to have. If you condition yourself to be a better person and accept the fact that neither you nor anyone else is perfect it’ll have a good turn out to where your mindset should be. Organize your thoughts and ideas, improve your actions, and better yourself. Never be satisfied with yourself, always think you can do better even when you have done your best. Push yourself to be better, never settle. (“Having the Right Mindset” np)
The United States Army is responsible to cover land. Providing necessary forces is the primary mission of the Army. They protect the country at all times, and are second in line at war. They have strong artillery and fight when this country needs them to. (“Benefit Topics” np )
When being in the army there are many different benefits you may receive. Such as retirement, Survivor, and Deployment. You also receive things like money for college, Federal, State/Territory benefits. Out of all these you end up with money, education, Health care & lifetime Insurance, Veteran Affairs, Social Security, Soldier Services and Family Services. (Robbie Hughes Interview )
When you do a good performance on your job in the Army you rank up just as all other branches. This simply is like any other job promotion. There are many different ranks and jobs that are rewarding to you when promoting. Perform good get rewarded good. (Robbie Hughes Interview)
The United States Navy offers many jobs and careers based on backgrounds and certain interests. Out of the hundred job choices to choose from which range anywhere from a nuclear engineer to a Physician, you’ll find many exciting jobs that fit you, and each has different outcomes such as, pay, and benefits. (“Careers & Jobs” np)
The United States Navy uniform is a respectable uniform based on a members rank and identifies each naval officer. There are about four different types of uniforms in the Navy. The Service Dress, which is a blue uniform for daily wear. On the sleeve it contains gold lace which signifies the officer’s rank. White service dress is for warm weather and goes along with white trousers with a choker and white leather shoes. Working Khaki, includes trousers and a short sleeve t-shirt, black shoes and a belt. Dinner Dress, is popular of the few and worn only on formal occasions. This contains of a mess jacket with a white wing collar shirt underneath, a white vest and a white bow. Other things like the garrison cap or dress cap are also important parts of uniforms. (“Categories” np)
"Non sibi sed patriae" (Not self but country) tis is the Navy’s motto. The navy customs and traditions are a little strict. The core values of the US Navy are honor, courage, and commitment. They have a tradition for just about everything. Hand Salute, mourning services, gun salute, Burial at sea, Keel laying, Commissioning, Decommissioning, Holidays, Dining In, Birthday Cake Cutting, Marine Corps Funerals, Funerals in General, and much more. While life in the US Navy is tough and demanding at times, the personnel who serve are proud of protecting our freedom and carry a tremendous pride that comes with the job. (McMillan np)
While in the Navy just like any other branch of the military, there is a mentality you must contain. For the Navy you must always compete to win, and remember that surviving is striving. This helps your mental toughness level and gives hope for higher standards. You must have high standards in the Navy. Never doubt your abilities and always be aggressive. Encouraging others is a very good skill to have as well it builds up not only yourself but your teammates. And when the instructors yell at you, don’t let it bring you down, only let it make you tougher. (“Mental Toughness” np)
The primary role of the U.S Navy is to establish, defend, and maintain maritime security around the U.S Coastline. Navy is equipped for attacks and defense through its ships and submarines. Navy also is good for rescue missions and for making sure no smuggling of goods or people going out of the United States waters. They keep the entire U.S Coastline safe from terrorist attacks. The Navy's primary mission is to maintain the freedom of the seas. The Navy makes it possible for the United States to use the seas where and when our national interests require it. (The role of the U.S Navy” np)
The United States Navy has a system of officers, unique among the U.S. Military Services. Like the other services, the Navy has noncommissioned officers, which they term "Petty Officers." The Navy offers many benefits such as special and Insensitive Pay, which is when a naval officer possesses a specific skill or a unique skill they receive more pay for it. Also for those who get deployed overseas and stay in a private home they get an allowance that helps pay offset house costs. This is called, Overseas House Allowance. And after serving 20 years in the Navy you receive 50% of permanent basic pay which is adds up to 2.5% up until the 30 year mark then you receive 75% of permanent basic pay which is considered Retirement Pay. Another benefit received is the Clothing Allowance, a set annual allowance to help pay maintenance or replacement of your uniforms while in service. (“Pay and Benefits” np)
As with any other part of the military the navy has a specific rank structure, which goes from a Seaman Recruit to Fleet Admiral. Rankings depend on the skills and performance of the officer. When going in the focus is on one job but as you progress you get ranked up and when this happens you receive better pay and benefits and also popularity. (Robbie Hughes Interview)
As the smallest of all the branches the United States Marine Corps have many jobs. The Magtf makes up the entire Corps. It covers ground elements which just get information on the enemy. Jobs include Imbarkers, they load up gear and get ready for movement. The Support element, which provides for soldiers. The Mess Hall provides deployed soldiers food. Another is the Air Support element it contains many jobs in itself such as Aviation Ordinance, this builds up bombs to go on air planes to provide support for ground units. Avionics, these people go up and repair all electronic components of air craft’s. All job fields have an administration. These people are basic in tells who look up possible hotspots where the enemy would be. (Robbie Hughes Interview)
Marines wear uniforms which resemble the past history. Service Alphas, which are worn when checking into a new unit . It consists of green trousers, a green coat and cover, along with a tan blouse and tie. Service Bravos are the exact same as the Service Alphas but without the green coat. And are worn in summer time. The Service Charlie’s, are worn in the summer to replace the Service Bravos and instead, consist of a khaki short-sleeve shirt with green trousers and a green cover. Dress Blue Alphas, which are only wore on formal occasions for things like weddings. These contain blue trousers with a black coat, white gloves, white cover, and a white belt. And it’s worn with medals that represent your rank. As a daily wear the Soldiers wear their Cammies, these are camo colored long-sleeve shirts worn with pants and combat boots. (Robbie Hughes Interview)
As a Marine you have many customs and traditions, which are very strict. Such as, respect, when speaking to someone of a higher ranking then yourself if enlisted you call that person by their rank. If commissioned you call them by sir or mam. And on November 10th the Marines celebrate their birthday and make a huge celebration of it. They have a Cake Cutting Ceremony, where the oldest Marine present cuts a slice of cake and hands it to the youngest marine present to symbolize the passing of knowledge from the old generation to the new. Something similar is when a person receives a higher rank they get chevrons from the new rank and give them to a marine they feel that deserves to have them. Marines have three core values that they follow on and off the field as well. Honor, Commitment, and Courage. (Robbie Hughes Interview)
To be a Marine you must have the correct mentality. Every Marine is a leader, Mentor, and Mentee. Meaning the lead adversity and go out of their comfort zone. Every Marine is also a Rifleman, no matter their job or what job they came for. Every marine learns what it’s like to hold a gun and shoot and know the feeling. “Semper Fidelis” this is the motto of a Marine Soldier. This motto means “Always Faithful”. “The Few, The Proud” because you can always count on a marine for any reason, there is never a mission that a marine cannot do. (Robbie Hughes Interview)
The Marines are often referred to as the "Infantry of the Navy." They are independent, but also works alongside the Navy in Logistics and Administration. The purpose is not only performing missions by being attached to a boat but also performing combat missions, aviation assault missions, and basic reconnaissance. Marines provide humanitarian relief efforts around the world. They are the first ones to fight in war and last ones living. Marines specialize in amphibious operations. In other words, their primary specialty is to assault, capture, and control "beach heads," which then provide a route to attack the enemy from almost any direction. Robbie Hughes Interview)
Benefits received when being a Marine is the fact that you can forever say “Few the Proud” because once a Marine, always a marine. You also benefit some great leadership and life values of all kind. When facing life after the Marine Corps there won’t be anything that you can’t handle, because you were trained mentally, physically, and emotionally to handle tough situations. You learn to push yourself to the extreme and not to put up with anything less than what your goal is. Another good part is that when out of service and you apply for jobs, whenever they do a background check on you they will see that you were a former soldier in the military and your chances of getting that job as well as many more become a lot higher than the average person. (Robbie Hughes Interview)
There are three types of ranks in the marines Enlisted Officer which goes from a Private to a Sergeant Major, Warrant Officer goes from an Officer to a Gunner. Then last there is the Commission Officer which goes from 2nd liniment to a General Commandant. This is when they move up in rank. As all the other branches, this simply just means moving up in your job. (Robbie Hughes Interview)
The Army, Navy and Marines are the three strongest and toughest of all the five branches that make up the military. They all have head strong soldiers who know what they are doing and they all fight to do one thing, protect our country and what it stands for. Each has its own specific task and job that it stands for but at the end of the day they are all fighting for protection of the United States of America.

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