Methods And Tools Used At Regina General Hospital Essay

Methods And Tools Used At Regina General Hospital Essay

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Methods and tools are a key factor, in terms of evaluating, assessing and treating the multiple mental health disorders present at Regina General Hospital. In order to keep an up-to-date status on a patient’s overall health, specific tools are important in accomplishing these tasks. Although countless tools are existent on the mental health unit, some are used more frequently used than others. For instance, the MSE also known as the Mental Status Examination is required to be completed once a day, for each patient. In comparison, tools such as the PHQ9 and the GAD-7 would instead be used more exclusively for disorders such as depression and anxiety. In addition, there are some tools used that are more general and appropriate for all uses. For instance, tools such as the sleep chart and the MMSE. In this paper, I will be discussing the tools specifically used on the unit, the tools I have used and the experience I have encountered while using these tools.
Tools and approaches used at your site
A unique tool used at our site is called the PHQ9 or Patient Health Questionnaire. This questionnaire is one of the tools I have unfortunately not had the opportunity of using. It is an easy to use questionnaire that is used to monitor the severity of a patient’s depression. By asking 9 questions, it requires the patient to rate their response on a scale from 0 being “not at all” to 3 being “nearly every day.” Questions range from focusing on the pleasure of daily activities to discussing presence of feelings of hopelessness. Another tool used on the unit is a MMSE also known as Mini Mental Status Examination. It is an 11-question measure that tests five areas of cognitive functioning that include orientation, regis...

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...struggled from depression with SI. She was one of my patients who seemed to the most affected or at least seemed like the most affected by her mental illness. When I asked her about the presence of any Suicidal ideations, I remember her hesitating and thinking about what I had just asked her. She said “not lately but the thoughts are always lingering.” It was at that moment did I actually recognize the importance of asking question like that one. Although they are uncomfortable to address they are also important to touch on as only certain individuals will be affected by this type of thing. Although many tools and approaches exist, they all are used for a purpose, which is to help with patient care management. Some tools are more exclusive whereas some tools are more all encompassing. Regardless of the tools used, each serve an important purpose and specific role.

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