Essay on The Messiah Of Israel From Slavery

Essay on The Messiah Of Israel From Slavery

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The Messiah of Israel come to liberate people from slavery. In this specific case, the slavery is the freely committed disobedience against God, namely sin (HO). Sin has brought disorder into the world because it “has destroyed an original communion by alienating us from God, from ourselves, and from our fellow men and women, and by destroying the harmony of the universe” (Kereszty, 228). To organize all this disorder will cost Christ the cross (HO). This is not a disorder that each person may fall in, but it is also a collective social reality because of the Original Sin that makes people to be born without God’s grace and also they are born with “the inclination to ratify the same option for themselves” (Kereszty, 343). Hence, sin that people commit are symptoms of the condition of sin in which they live (HO) and manifest this social reality that predispose them to perform actions that go against God, themselves, their brethren, and creation.
Human beings tried to find a solution to the condition of sin. Law, along with sacrifices, are the two primary human responses. Therefore, they established ritual sacrifices by blood. For instance, we see that several rituals and covenants made in the Old Testament included blood. Sacrifices represented an upward movement from humanity to the gods. However, the Christian understanding of sacrifice is a downward movement of the Son’s voluntary self-giving as gift of grace. The Letter to the Philippians says that ‘Jesus humbled himself becoming obedient to death, even death on a cross.’ And Joseph Ratzinger in Introduction to Christianity teaches that “in the New Testament, it is not man who goes to God with a compensatory gift, but God who comes to man, in order to give to him… by...

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... evil.
God has sent his own Son to save us. Some people may understand this as if God did not love his Son because of the cruelty that he suffered. However, Joseph Komonchak in his article The Violence of the Cross published in Commonweal Magazine, states,
“It is not God’s wrath that is displayed in Christ’s expiatory, cleansing work, but his justice, righteousness, uprightness, what was manifest in his forgiveness of sins, the righteousness by which he makes all, Jews and Greeks, righteous themselves. Here redemptive justice means the forgiveness of sins.” (Komonchak, 20)
Hence, God is not pleased for his Son’s suffering, but moved by love and justice he wants make righteous men again and organize the disorder that sin has come into the world. Jesus, Son of God, is obedient to death and is willing to experience the suffering that conveys the social condition of sin.

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