Who Jesus is for you

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Jesus was raised in Nazareth in the home of Joseph, a carpenter, and his wife Mary. Jesus most likely went to school in a room attached to the synagogue. He was a faithful Jew and followed all the Jewish customs. Jesus was a human being.
God took on a human form in Jesus in order to live life like we do. God ‘s love for us is unconditional and infinite. To communicate with us in a personnel way like we do with our friends and family, there was no better way for God to be with us than for God to become one of us. Jesus walked along the same roadways and experienced the same trials and tribulations as other people. Accepting Jesus as fully human is as important as accepting him as fully divine. Jesus experienced stress, anger, frustration and loneliness but he chose never to respond sinfully to these experiences. Given the choice between popularity and telling people the truth, he chose the path that ultimately turned people against him and led to his death.
Jesus is a role model for me. Like Jesus I have been baptized in the faith.
I was baptized as an infant whereas Jesus was baptized by his cousin John the
Baptist when he was about thirty years old. During his life Jesus was tempted in the desert by the devil three times to give up his complete dependence on God and accept the easy forms of power the devil offered. Jesus resisted for he knew that only his faith in
God would give him the power. As I grow up many times I am tempted to do the wrong things. Doing the wrong thing is sometimes easier than doing what is right.
Understanding that Jesus also faced these obstacles and that prayer can help you resist in these tough situations in life is reassuring to me.
Jesus taught his disciples and us how to pray. He taught people to pray simply and trustingly to God as father, without trying to impress God with fancy language. Through Jesus I learned to talk to God like a son does to his father; to say what is in your heart, to ask for guidance when you need to make tough decisions. Jesus has taught me to be thankful for all the blessing I have in life.
Blessing are not necessarily being rich in material goods. But being rich in the things that matter most like the love and respect of family and friends.
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