Jesus Role as Reigning King

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Emphasizing Jesus Role as Reigning King page 277 3 & 4 In ANCIENT TIMES . . . must ACTIVIETY AND FAN FAIR was done in the CARINATION of kings, and they were given GREAT HONOR AND LOYALTY by the people Why because a KING of a nation had ultimate POWER AND RULERSHIP. What a KING said or WANTED done . . there were NO questions asked. The MORE LOYALTY that the people had for their KING the greater his kingdom would become. And If the KING also had Jehovah’s DIVINE BACKING, there was nothing he could NOT ACCOMPLISH. Although EARTHLY KINGS . . . lived and died . . . they were also IMPERFECT and MADE MISTAKES. But, . . . Jehovah God . . . would though . . . .ESTABLISH a RULERSHIP with a PERFECT KING who would live forever AND NEVER DIE. This INFORMATION was revived to Mary the EARTHLY MOTHER of the future king. Open your bible to Luke 1: 30 – 33. and Lets see how this was told to her. Even BEFORE this conversation between the angel and Mary took place it had be PROPHECY years ago about this KINGSHIP. Opens bibles to Daniel 7: 13, & 14. When Jesus was on EARTH and BEFORE his death . . . it was FIRMLY established by his disciples that he was the Son of God . . . and would be the KING of God’s kingdom. That is why the people said . . at Luke 19: 38 “ BLESSED IS THE ONE COMING AS THE KING . . .IN JEHOVAH’S NAME. “ Jehovah has GREAT LOVE for his son, who OFFERED HIMSELF up to die a PAINFUL AND SHAMEFUL death, on a torture stake. This was NOT . . . JUST ANOTHER DEATH. . . . . God Son DIED in behalf of mankind. So ACTIVE FAITH and BELIEF in the LIFE AND DEATH of God’s Son would divide those whose would RECEIVE everlasting LIFE and those who would not. As PREACHERS AND TEACHERS of God’s word . . .it IMPORTANT That we BUILD appreciation TO THOSE WE TALK TO. . . for what Jesus’ LIFE AND RULERSHIP truly means for mankind. And it will REFLECT in the way a person lives their lives. To BEGIN with . . . OUR OWN WAY OF LIFE . . . shows whether we REALLY BELIEVE that Jesus Christ is King and we are WILLINGLY submit to his rulership.
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