Mental Health : Public Health Issue Across The Globe Essay examples

Mental Health : Public Health Issue Across The Globe Essay examples

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Over the past decade, mental health becomes the important public health issue across the globe. Mental health problems are closely related with diminished cognitive, emotional, and social abilities that influence the way a person interacts with other people and the environment. Such conditions could include several common conditions such as anxiety disorder, mood/affective disorder, and substance use disorder which affect people at all ages (DoHA, 2009). People suffering from mental health disorder or behavioral disturbance should be treated urgently to avoid any harm (Lowthian et al., 2011)
In Australia, the number of patients with mental health problems going to the health services has increased over the year. Several studies constantly report high prevalence of mental health problems and its consequences towards the life of people with mental illness and the impact on the community (Medibank, 2013). In 2007, National Survey of Mental Health and Wellbeing confirmed that approximately 45% of the total population experienced a lifetime mental illness. Moreover, in 2006, one out of five Australians aged 16-85 years suffered from mental health problems in which 16% of the population had affective disorder, 14% of those suffered from anxiety and 5% of them had substance abuse. In the same study, the mental depression was reported as the most common mental health issues among young Australians in which about one out of ten young people are greatly possible to experience an anxiety syndrome (ABoS, 2007; DoHA, 2013).
Accident and emergency (A&E) department in public hospital plays an important role in initial assessment and early treatment of patients with mental illness in Australia. The Victorian study in 2004 confirmed th...

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...s would provide information about how the findings would be used and how the study would ensure confidentiality and anonymity by using the pseudo-names, some quotations and several codes to identify and distinguish the participants (Guillemin & Gillam, 2004). Regarding the principle of beneficence, the researchers would provide benefits to the patients and their families in which the study findings would be the evidence to promote and improve mental health services in Australia. The patients with mental health might be vulnerable in regards to their disease and condition. Therefore, to protect the participants from any harm, the researchers would try to deal with emotional distress that might arise during interview as well as create a safe and comfort environment. All data and findings would be securely stored and only the researchers would possibly access the data.

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