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The case study I have chosen to analyse is the Men's Health Case Study. The dilemma being faced by Mr Kerton and the Men's Health production team is one of ensuring the success of the magazine in a relatively young, dynamic and exciting environment in which there are no barriers to entry and new competitors are able to enter. In this particular instance Mr. Kerton is somewhat concerned about the entry of Maxim magazine and the possible entry of Esquire magazine into the men's lifestyle magazine market.

Situational analysis
Men's health is international magazine started in America in 1988. Riding on the success of the magazine in America the magazine moved into the British, Australian, Latin American, German and Russian magazine markets. The magazine was launched in South Africa in mid 1997 at a point in time when it was deemed that the South African market was ready for such a magazine.

The South African male magazine market was ripe for a new, fresh and focused magazine catering specifically for men, as the girlie magazines that used to dominate the male magazine market in the country were in decline, leaving behind a gap for a male magazine. The decline in the girlie magazine market in South Africa was primarily due to the markets heavy reliance on sex, nudity, violence and controversy. Several copies of Scope had been banned and certain stockists had stopped stocking magazines such as Scope. In addition, the liberalisation of censorship laws and the trade situation with the country resulted in the return of previously banned magazines such as Playboy and Penthouse which further increase the competition between the girlie magazines, making the content more and more controversial. However even these magazines were not ...

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...festyle and fashion advice. The position of the magazine may be seen in the following positioning map:

Have a major subscription drive with good incentives for renewing incentives. In this manner they would entrench their readers for at least a year.

Differentiate the magazine even more and try and promote Mens Health as the only magazine able to satisfy its particular function, maybe even in a manner which Men's Health is a staple buy irrespective of what other magazines the buyer may purchase.

Advertising drive

Enhance or expand on its inorganic growth strategy through additional key / strategic partnerships.

Special events. Poker is a growing past time and is often assicated with a glamorous / exciting / cool lifestyle. Hosting a poker tournament, or braning at poker tournaments could add positively to the perception of the magazine.

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