Essay on Men And Gender Equality : European Insights

Essay on Men And Gender Equality : European Insights

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In her article, “Men and Gender Equality: European Insights”, Ellie Scambor (2014) presents the necessity of recognizing, and including, the male gender and their own relations and struggles in the movement towards gender equality. Acknowledging the often one-dimensional approach of the past, with gender issues and research largely centering around women, Scambor (2014) illustrates the influence and effect that the gender equity movement has had on men, as well as significant data that reflects the shifts, or lack thereof, amongst the male gender in progression towards equality.
This idea of gender equity being a universal concept that includes both genders and not solely the socially constructed role of females, is an inclusive stance that Luongo and Guppy (2015), as well as Hammaren et al. (2014) highlight as well, although with not nearly as extensive an emphasis. Luongo and Guppy (2015) remind us in their article, “The Rise and Stall of Canada’s Gender Equity Revolution”, that research on aspects pertaining to the male gender and its intersectionality is still limited, and a more thorough and inclusive approach towards this concept of social inclusion needs to be carried out in the future when examining the issue.
All three articles bring attention to the impact that women’s increased involvement in the public sphere, particularly that of education and the workforce, has had on establishing gender equity in present-day society. One observation that Scambor (2014) expresses that the additional articles don’t necessarily as adequately stress the importance of, is the fluidity of the idea of the socially constructed perception of positive masculinity, where embracing and encouraging the development of “nonviolent, caring” perso...

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...he society in which we live and affect each and every one of us.
As Luongo and Guppy (2015) highlight, one of the most positive shifts has been the increased involvement of women in the workplace, gaining a higher degree of economic independence and further closing one of the gender disparities; however, on average, women still only make 78 cents to every dollar that males earn (CNN Money, 2015). This is one example of numerous issues that continue to pervade mainstream society. Realizing how my personal experiences and social location within the societal context, both as a female and an individual, have and continue to contribute to my own perception of gender roles will better assist me in sympathizing with clients as well as developing proactive strategies and tools that better equip them with managing the challenges that arise from it within their daily lives.

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