Essay on Meet, Me, And My Opposite

Essay on Meet, Me, And My Opposite

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Meet “Me” and my “Opposite”
My conformed profile is Introvert Intuitive Thinking Judging (INTJ). Picking the first component of the profile, Introvert, this shows that I am more of a “loner” and tends to keep things to myself rather than mingle and interact with people. As an introvert, I love being alone and a quiet and secluded environment this is because I tend to perform better this way than when I am in the midst of people. My motivation is from the inside thus I strive to ensure my inside is as healthy and peaceful as possible. The implication of this in academics is that I can hardly read and assimilate in a noisy or rowdy environment and I prefer studying alone to study with a group. Been an introvert would make me a good business strategist and think-thank though I may not be good a salesperson. The second component of the profile is Intuitive and this entails seeing into the future and being optimistic about what the future holds. Apart from this, I noticed that I love acquiring new skills as my work or life demands of me- all geared towards been better, relevant and efficient in whatever I am involved in. What this means for my academic is that am always open to learn about new subjects including those that are not related to my course of study provided I am able to see the benefit they offer either now or in the nearest future. The third component of my profile is “Thinking” which involves making decisions based on rationale and logic rather than emotions. Often times, our emotions are not aligned with the realities of life and we are often divided between making decisions that are logically right or emotionally pleasing to us (Tolliver, 2007). The implication of being a “thinker” is that I am able to override and put ...

... middle of paper ... I would employ while dealing with difficult situations are:
1. Be open-minded about the situation. This will involve me to not always expect people or situations to follow my way.
2. Clarity of communication by ensuring that I communicate my feeling to the parties involved as polite and clearly as possible without assuming they already knew.
3. Ignoring things that doesn’t really matter by ensuring I don’t complain about those things I can cope with. Complaining will always birth arguments which is not good for any relationship.
4. Another strategy is to completely avoid the people that can draw me into negative situation and even when they happen don’t last for too long before been resolved.
5. Finally, in difficult situations I will ensure that communication is not hindered and I will ensure I listen and try to understand the situation as much as possible.

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