Essay on The Medium Term Development Framework Plan Provision

Essay on The Medium Term Development Framework Plan Provision

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4. Plan Provision
The Medium Term Development Framework, MTDF 2005-10, proposes a paradigm shift based upon adaptation and diffusion of knowledge and technology applied across the entire
spectrum of institutional excellence. In this context, the key issue of quality in all its various manifestations needs to be addressed if the basic building blocks of a just and prosperous society, or the ability of the state to provide an efficient and friendly system, are to be put in place.

Technology is now an intrinsic part of the economic system and has become the major factor of production in leading economies. It is the accumulation of knowledge that drives economic growth. Information and knowledge can be shared, and actually grows through application, unlike most resources that deplete when used. Technology can thus raise the return on investment; which explains why developed countries can sustain growth, and why more than 50 % of GDP in the major economic powers is now based on the production and distribution of knowledge. It also explains why developing economies with unlimited labour and ample capital, cannot sustain growth unless they make investments in knowledge and technology.

While legacies of earlier neglect and inconsistencies have no doubt taken their toll, Pakistan is emerging as a threshold state, which has macroeconomic stability, and is consolidating its institutions, human resources, and infrastructure. Two indices, the Global Competitive Index (GCI) and Business Competitive Index (BCI) provide useful metrics of a nation’s competitive environment. GCI integrates the macroeconomic environment, public institutions, and technology; BCI complements the medium term macroeconomic sub-index in GCI, and evaluates the ...

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... aimed at enhanced productivity, improved quality and reduced production costs. Also recommending/ supporting innovative and purposeful research at the universities, government/ semi-government, technical and research organizations, and to provide encouragement and incentives to individual scientists, engineers, designers, and technicians at shop-floor level.
6. Publicize among potential users through seminars, exhibitions etc. and in-plant demonstrations, the various technologies being used successfully within the country for the benefit of extension workers.
7. To play an advisory role for information of technical know-how, and services in the fields of engineering and technology.
8. To promote training facilities for personnel engaged in the advice, monitoring and extension of the process of technology transfer in areas of assessment, analysis and evaluation.

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