Medication Errors And Its Effects On The Medical Field Essay

Medication Errors And Its Effects On The Medical Field Essay

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Medications are used worldwide as the primary basis of preventing and managing chronic illnesses. On average, four out of five individuals are prescribed medications and one out of five medications are administered in error (cite). Medication errors are one of the many avertable factors present in the medical field today (IOM, 2006). A medication error is defined as any occurrence which has the capability of causing errors heedless of any harm being brought to the patient (cite). Prescribing, formulating, dispensing, allocating and administering medications are all part of the process of medication administration and involve various health care workers such as physicians, pharmacists, or nurses. However, as nurses are the last ones to provide confirmation prior to administering medical drugs, they are often held accountable in terms of safe medication administration. In order to avoid medication errors, it is crucial to develop a better understanding of the contributing factors which, bring about medication errors. External environmental distractions are one of the many eliciting factors which are responsible for averting a nurse’s concentration and instigating a loss of attentiveness (cite). Furthermore, administering drugs is at the highest risk for medication errors as it is the most interrupted nursing activity out of all other nursing tasks (cite). However, through a foundation of guidelines and policies addressing environmental distractions, one can definitely decrease the risk of medication errors pertaining the field of nursing.
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...vironmental distractions.
Although external environmental interruptions are inevitable within the nursing field, there are various interventions nurses can partake within in order to decrease or even eliminate such occurrences. The health care system can explore various professional fields in order to implement strategies and decrease the risk of medication errors during the process of medication administration. Health care professionals can implement the sterile cockpit concept as developed by the aviation forces as well as the notion of facilitating health care institutions through the use of single patient rooms as practiced by European countries. Although interruptions arise on a day to day basis within the nursing routine, nurses must carry out all nursing standards in an ethical, efficient, and professional manner in order to ensure client safety.

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