Medical Schools and Animal Experimentation Essay

Medical Schools and Animal Experimentation Essay

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There are millions types of animals that are locked up in cages waiting to be used for an experiment. Some of those animals are mice, cats, dogs and rats. They go through so much pain, they are lonely and they don’t have a lot of space to roam, they have to sit there and wait to be poked and prodded. They just have to wait until they are performed on again to get out of their cages. After they are done being poked and prodded on, they will eventually be put down. The animals are tortured just to live in fear and eventually be put down.
All of the stress and boredom that they go through causes them to have neurotic behavior. When someone walks by the cages their blood pressure rises and they shake in fear. Animal research/experimentation is a form of animal abuse. There was a video I watched where the people were treating the animals terrible. They were ripping animals off of cages, and they were shutting them in doors, shoving pipes down throats, or shoving pipes up their noses, they also shove them in tubes where they can’t breathe or move around. Animal experimentation needs to be stopped. There are multiple ways that it can be stopped, you just need to find the people who care enough to stop it.
The animals are suffering. They suffer either from the chemicals, drugs, food and cosmetics test. The animals that are used for animal experimentation aren’t even counted. There is not an exact number of animals that are being used for the experiments. These animals are used to test cosmetics, household cleaners and consumer products. “Hundreds of thousands of animals are poisoned, blinded, and killed every year by cruel corporations.” (Animal Testing 101) The mice and rats that are used are forced to inhale the toxic fumes, the dog...

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