Essay about Medical Researchers and Animal Testing

Essay about Medical Researchers and Animal Testing

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Animals are used in testing because it's the safest and most ethical way to test medicine. Would it be crueler to let animals or humans suffer? Actually, that's a trick question. Most animals do not experience the pains and agonies you are led to believe they undergo. Medical researchers say they have to use many analgesics and pain killers because if the animal is in pain, it's under so much stress and could sway test results ( Therefore, animals are not in much pain for most tests. Also, their living quarters, as explained by PETA, are grossly exaggerated. Strict controls are place by the Animal Welfare Act of 1966. This law requires facilities be humane and inspected regularly by the USDA ( Don't be fooled, animals used for testing aren't as abused and neglected as you've been mislead to think. What would be the point in testing something know to be inaccurate? The opposing side likes to create graphic images in your mind to make you feel sorry for the animal; however, as has been explained, most of these images are false.
Animals are very effective test subjects for medicine because they have bodies that work similarly to ours. They have the same type systems we do that must perform the same routines our bodies do; however the fact still lies we are not exactly the same. Now, scientists are finding ways to make them more like humans through biomedical research.
The workshop on 'Improving translation of animal models for nervous system disorders; held at the National Academy of Sciences, Institute of Medicine ... was organized to discuss the issues that contribute to the poor translation of results from animal models to human ... to consider strategies to inc...

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...lso says we can use computers for testing. Computers may reduce numbers, but can't possibly understand the complexity of our bodies ( Opposers can claim we are archaic and need to get with the times, however, our bodies are the most complex structures on the planet and the only thing that can possibly come close is animals because using humans is inhumane and unreliable.

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