The Medical Field Should Be Legal Essay example

The Medical Field Should Be Legal Essay example

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Since 2000, around 16 million in government funds have gone to Wayne State University, or WSU, for animal research, specifically for experiments that use dogs to attempt to replicate cardiovascular conditions in humans. A spokesman of Wayne State, Matt Lockwood, has stated that their research “plays a vital role in advancing both human and animal health.” However, WSU’s methods of research have caused for major concern by the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, who aims to file a lawsuit against WSU. These dogs are used to simulate cardiovascular conditions. For example, “The dogs have the blood flow to their kidneys obstructed to create hypertension.” Furthermore, the dogs are worked vigorously throughout the day and “are all eventually euthanized if they don’t die on the treadmill or in their cage later.” In this paper I will argue that the medical field should either seek alternatives to animal research or the methods be refined to reduce the unethical treatment towards the animals as subjects.
Animal experimentation has been used as a vital role in medical research throughout history. For the past centuries, there has always been an ethical debate regarding the methods and use of animals for the advancement of medicine. The first Animal Cruelty Act was created in 1835 to regulate the use of animals for scientific purposes. After 110 years, the “Enactment of the 1986 Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act, and remain the only known legislation to regulate animal experiments for nearly 50 years.” Even so, there will continue to be two sides of animal research, one side that believes that without animal research there would not be the medical advancements that would be present to this day. On the other hand, the use...

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...lieve the use of alternatives should be used whenever applicable. Furthermore, if the medical field or scientists can refine the methods used to research animals to minimize the pain and suffering, but maximize the benefits, this would be the most ideal situation. The “refinement, replacement and reduction (3Rs)” model attempts to replace, reduce and refine animal based research all together when appropriate. “The realization that testing and experimentation on animals will be indispensable for some time to come grows the importance of the aspect of refinement.” For example, animal use in female makeup products is unnecessary while the presence of animals in testing for side effects of medication is vital to ensure human safety. Animal research will most likely continue for many years to come, but attempting to follow the 3Rs would be an excellent model to follow.

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