The Medical Field: Crimes by Physicians Essay

The Medical Field: Crimes by Physicians Essay

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Laws are important in the society for they govern individuals to live in peace and harmony with other individuals. Laws not only control and regulate the behavior of people, but also guide how various professions conduct carry out their duties tasks. Coupled with these is the code of ethics in different professions that guide them on how to conduct themselves on various issues. This paper will attempt to analyze some of the matters that pertain to criminal activities by doctors and as well how some of the criminal activities are dealt with by various state medical boards. The paper will also include some questions that were used while interviewing a general surgeon in an attempt to bring to light some of the pertinent issues in his area of work. The paper will have an analysis of the interview with the surgeon and finally a conclusion on crimes by physicians.
Scope of operation of surgeon
In the field of medicine, surgeons carry out medical procedures that mainly deal with making incisions on patients in order to carry out medical procedures that may lead to healing. This usually takes place as a result when medical prescriptions fail to yield results and the only way to help the body to heal is by performing an operation on the part of a body. Most importantly is that a surgeon has to have consent with the patient and make him or her understand that the operation is important for their health to improve. After discussing with the patient, various activities such as scheduling of the operation and pre-operation tests take place. After relevant requirements have been met, the operation takes place and the patient is left to heal depending on the instructions given by the surgeons.
However, there are instances when a s...

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...with doctors who do not abide in the rules and regulations that guide them in their careers.
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