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The Affordable Healthcare Act (AHA) in the US, which is similar to other countries’ Universal Healthcare Systems (UHS), has been in the news again recently. From the beginning the AHA has been passionately contested and debated from its introduction on the Senate floor to the challenge in the Supreme Court that it was unconstitutional. The reforms that the AHA started in 2010, such as Health Insurance Companies can not deny someone with a preexisting condition, or the recent troubles of the Health Insurance Marketplace website, AHA is something of a hot button issues that has US citizens deeply divided on. At the heart of this divisive issue is Universal Healthcare something that should be provided by government for its citizens or is it the responsibility of the individual. If we look at the issue of Universal Healthcare through the lens of Platonic Theories we can better define what is universal good for us as citizens and what may not be. What we ultimately determine as universal good, is it really the best course for the nation?
The topic of Universal Healthcare is a very large and complicated subject matter that incorporates everything from social-ecomonical status of patients to euthanasia. A topic such as this, the key to understanding the many different and wide-ranging questions this topic poses is to approach it with an understanding of Moral Philosophy. A better understanding through asking questions, using rational, and reasoned thought, Ethics teaches us what “ought” to happen or what is morally good in that situation. For the purposes of this exercise, we will look at just the idea of a Universal Healthcare System with in a nation or state as something that is either a good goal or not a worthy goal.
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...Y benefit the Health Insurance Companies, Insurance lobbyists, and Politicians. Taking what the story of Gyges of Lydia (Republic Book II. 259d) teaches us, philosophy can describle how people ought to act. “Until philosophers rule as kings in their cities, or those who are nowadays called kings and leading men become genuine and adequate philosophers … cities will have no rest from evils…”(Republic V. 473c). When Kings and leading men, also known as Company CEOs, policy makers, and Congressmen, think and act as philosophers, society will always deal with these injustices.

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