Essay on Media 's Grasp On Society

Essay on Media 's Grasp On Society

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Media’s Grasp on Society
The media has always been at the forefront when it comes to the average person’s knowledge. From newspapers, new shows, and movies, the media has control of what gets out. Today, all of the top rated holocaust movies are related to Jewish people. Life is Beautiful, Schindler’s List, The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, and many more involve Jewish men and women. A movie about the poor victims of Nanking could have made an equal heart wrenching story, so why always pick the Jews? If people were to be raised watching films about the same group it is a natural tendency to believe that it was the only group who partook in the massive genocide. These prejudices have haunted other groups who have yet to receive the same remembrance.
Not only that, but during the time when word of concentration camps got out after the Allies defeated the Axis Powers, most periodicals focused on the Jews. The Jews have always been the main focus for the media. But some argue that even the media itself was ignorant of the heinous crimes of other groups. Like Keren Dewker wrote:
As evident from what is written above, the American press was not given insider information as to what really occurred during the holocaust nor did they explore beyond the information given to them. They were aware that mass murders were occurring in Eastern Europe but they did not directly associate this act solely with Jews. Rather, articles and editorials focused on all people who were being persecuted by the Germans because the Nazis did not publicly expose their ideology as directly linked to anti-Semitism. Consequently, for a long while American papers did not express that thousands of Jews were being gassed and burned daily and forced to perform hard ...

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...rought to these groups. Even if the groups themselves do not wish for remembrance, for the sake of knowledge their stories should be brought to light. When the media begins mentioning minority groups, the government ends their intervention with victims, artifacts belonging to minority groups arise, and the barbed fence of discrimination towards Jews is taken down, then will these unappreciated groups finally be known. To bring these victims into the spotlight society must begin by boycotting entertainment companies that fail to mention forgotten victims in Holocaust films or shows, lobby against government representatives to allow hushed victims speak and establish museums in their honor, and turn a blind eye to the ominous history that follows the Jews, to allow other groups to soak in the same commemoration as Jews. Then will they be in sight, and in mind at last.

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