Media Control in "The Truman Show" Essay

Media Control in "The Truman Show" Essay

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The multi-award winning film ‘The Truman Show” which earned numerous nominations from the 71st Academy Awards, 56th Golden Globe Awards, 52nd British Academy Film Awards and The Saturn Awards was a massive hit in 1998. The film was a huge success at the box office making an overall sum of over $200 million. The director of the film, Peter Weir was nominated for ‘Best Director” and the star of the film, Jim Carey won ‘Best actor in Drama’.
Critically I think that the film was a very clever and individual film. Having a whole other world created for one person and a one programme is a very exciting and thought-provoking concept for a film, which is why I think it was such a massive success. The film can be fairly confusing from the start but as you watch the it and realise what is going on, it starts to make you think and the can be quite emotional at times. As you watch Truman’s life and see what happens in it you get caught up in the film and you really want to know what happens to Truman at the end so the audience want to keep watching to see how Truman eventually gets out of Christof’s world.
The film is a ‘Fantasy Comedy Drama’ so you would expect the conventions of the film to include lots of scenes that wouldn’t happen in real life and be fictional as the film is a fantasy. The film is also a comedy-drama, which shows it should have equal amounts of humour and serious scenes in the film. The Truman Show is very different to other films as the main story is a reality T.V. show and other films are usually in the real world and have lots of action and special affects to make it look exciting and interesting. The Truman Show has a very clever story line to make the film interesting and exciting.
In the Truman Show ‘th...

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...story and can keep you watching to see what happens.
What I think Peter Weir, the director, is trying to get across about media control is that a programme with a lot of media behind it can take over someone’s life and control how they live their life and their actions. Also I think he’s trying to show that it can control someone’s feelings as Truman feels sad in the film and gets affected by the things Christof makes happen in the film like his dad dieing.

The film has made me think that media can be a dangerous thing if you let it get very big and use a person in what the media is doing. I have also learnt that a reality T.V. show that gets big can take over someone’s life and control what they do. I think that watching the film has made me think that if you take part in the media you have a very big responsibility and you shouldn’t let it get out of hand.

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