Media Altering Youths ' Perceptions And Behavior Essay

Media Altering Youths ' Perceptions And Behavior Essay

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Media Altering Youths’ Perceptions and Behavior
Jim Morrison once stated that “Whoever controls the media, controls the mind.” For instance, whenever a political skit airs on Saturday Night Live or The Tonight Show, whoever the cast is in favor for rises in the polls. The media can be utilized as a tool for political candidates, but it can also aid in the selling of products. Everyone has seen commercials for brand new exercise equipment and wanted to buy the next. Now, these examples of how the media affects society aren’t necessarily evil. However, Certain media sections negatively impact the nation, especially adolescents.
American youth dwell in an environment drenched in media.("What Effect Does Media Have on Youth?") Currently, eighty percent of Americans watch an average of three hours of television daily, and the eight to eighteen year-old demographic consumes seven and a half hours per day.("Media, Body Image, and Eating Disorders | National Eating Disorders Association") It is naive to think that much absorption will not influence youth when it affects the presidential polls by just one show. However, media impacts young minds differently than adults. T.V. shows and magazines can change how a girl sees herself, and violent videos can alter a child 's behavior to be more aggressive. This is due to the fact of Society’s younger generation having more access to the internet and television. Simultaneously, today’s media manipulates adolescents’ interpretation of themselves and affects their demeanor more than any other generation.

Technological devices that supply media hinder learning and sleep patterns. About seven out of twenty students handle their phones for five hours per day. Additionally, seventy-five percent of t...

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... In comparison, more than eighty percent of movies depict alcohol use.("What Effect Does Media Have on Youth?") Meanwhile, T.V. show and movie characters that smoke like the superhero Wolverine affects adolescents real-world smoking risk.("What Effect Does Media Have on Youth?")
To halt the media from influencing the younger generation, doctors have recommended a few steps. Parents should talk with their the media and how they use it and restrict their child from excessive use. Children should exercise and read at least thirty minutes a day. Also, Parents should monitor what their kid watches. Furthermore, parents may encourage a kid to interpret media, so the child won’t be completely lost in the world.("Raising Children Network", 2015) Parents should just make sure children have the right understanding of how the media is trying to affect them in today’s society.

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