The Media Age Of Smartphones And Social Media Essay

The Media Age Of Smartphones And Social Media Essay

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The New Media Age has brought about a wealth of technological innovations from the smartphone to online social media platforms. These creations have changed the way many people conduct their daily lives, but it has also changed the way the world faces privacy. New technologies make the spread of information astonishingly easy. As information is more readily available to a vast online audience, there is growing concern for the protection of people’s private information. Yet these technologies offer a number of limitations ranging from ownership of information to the ability to circumnavigate privacy systems that diminish privacy to a mere concept left to be desired, in turn altering the perception of the devices spawning the issue.
Concerns regarding privacy in the age of smartphones and social media have only grown with the rise in popularity of these inventions. More and more people are finding themselves feeling exposed in the online world through websites including Facebook and other social networks. While social networking sites are experiencing an overall rise in usage, members are increasingly restricting what information is available to the broad public spectrum. As of 2012, approximately 58% of adults on social media reported that their online profiles were regulated so that only accepted “friends” could gain access to their profile and activity on the website (Madden 5). This demonstrates a clear desire for online privacy in the majority of the population. This is accentuated by the recent escalation of self-regulation on social networks. Pew Internet of the Pew Research Center found that many users were purging their profiles, engaging in acts such as removing tags on photographs, comments, status updates and friends (M...

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...t their private and sensitive information cannot be protected by the security systems of their smartphones. As a result, they dictate their actions with their electronic devices in order to manually preserve and protect their digital privacy.
Privacy, the ability to selectively share one’s private and personal information, does not exist in the same controlled way as it has in the past. It is clearly evident that people generally want to maintain a certain degree of privacy in this growing world of smartphones and social networking. However, the concept of privacy in its traditional form can no longer coexist with rapidly evolving social technologies. The issues of information ownership and the capability of easily compromising security systems to retrieve private information prevent people from being able to attain complete and total privacy in the digital realm.

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