Mechanical Properties of Carbon Nanotubes Essay

Mechanical Properties of Carbon Nanotubes Essay

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Mechanical properties of Carbon nanotubes, their experimental measurement and applications.
Key words: Carbon Nanotubes, Mechanical Properties, composite materials
Carbon nanotubes (CNTs) present current and potential applications in materials of construction such as polymer composites due to their excellent mechanical properties. Unprecedented values of Young's modulus, stiffness, strength and resilient makes them perfect material in mechanical applications such as polymer composites. Use of CNTs in enhancing the mechanical properties of plastic is one of the current areas of study.
These excellent mechanical properties imparted to materials are a result of their nano-scale to some extent. Fibers have been used conventionally to enhance the properties of materials, however, these fibers have dimensions of few microns to millimeters, which decrease the area per unit mass available for interaction with materials. In case of CNTs as a filler material, they offer comparatively higher area per unit mass to interact with material and as a result provides better mechanical properties. The...

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